Some ideas how to improve interface:

[size=150]You Died[/size]
Add Back to Menu option.

I wrote about it before. Add a counter above character icon.

Yes. Make option of rotating you hero by finger on main screen. And do the same in Inventory (those little arrows are aweful).

That’s it for now. Some other ideas later :wink:

Agree on the spirits and rotation for sure! Not sure when these fixes will come but they are on the “list”. :smile:

Also… to tune off/on music and attack sounds… cause sometimes i want to listen to my own music… with attack sounds… but now there is just to tune off/on both in same time… agrh… i mean 2 buttons… 1 for music tune off/on and 1 for attack sounds tune off/on… i hope u know what i mean :wink:

We totally get that, in fact we were going to do that in the last patch but it turned out to be a bit more complex and required more time than we estimated. We hope to get in to an upcoming patch though.