Introductions and Few Questions from a Newbie

Hi all,

Just recently started playing Dungeon Quest and really enjoy the game (hats off to the developers!). I’ve been lurking through the forums and reading through some threads, trying to figure out some things regarding progression and had a few questions (I am playing on the beta 2.0 version)

1.) A lot of people mention that the best way to go about progression is to cap Item Drop (200%), gold find (650%), and luck (650%). As a beginner who recently just hit lv99, what’s the best way to go about doing this? I’ve attempted to add affixes (via the topazes that I have collected), but even then I am pretty far from the cap - and I significantly sacrifice clear speed if I attempt a higher EP/difficulty.

2.) When crafting maps - I notice that my returns on Larimars isn’t enough and I end up depleting these/diamonds. Is this normal?

3.) Spending gold - I see that there are a lot of varying opinions on how best to spend gold - whether it be gambling from vendor for the 5.4m crystal, the 500k crystal, salvaging normal legends, etc. Do we have any updated loot tables/is this information readily available so that I know? Or is this something that I just need to test for myself?

4.) Error message - When I attempt to view the campaign leaderboard - l get an error “Leaderboard Status Error, please check connection [-3]”. I know this should probably be in the bug/issue section but I figured I would consolidate.

Thanks again for the help, and apologies in advance if this stuff has already been covered!

Noted :smile:

Try to Level up your Fortune in the Heroic Page.
Fortune 40 increases Goldfind, Luck and Item Drop to 100%.

Fortune Affixes are mostly found on Gears with set affixes such as Golden Vein, Eternalized, Crystalline, etc.

Item Drop affix can only be obtain via Mythstone Fortune and other gears like Skull&Bones and Steigers Fortune.

Access a map with enemy power(ep) of 8(Mythic 3) which grants 350% Luck and Goldfind.

With Fortune 40 and ep8, you alerady have 450% luck and gold find in your stats.

You can get the other 200% via Affixes and Nature from gears…

If this is not enough, try to get a hireling with the same Luck, Goldfind and Item drop…

If you are worried about your clearspeed, then stay and farm on low level maps, progress on higher maps when you have obtained what you need.

Note: This is only my suggestion, and it does not needed to be followed as written…

Thanks for the replies - keep em’ coming! :smiley: :smiley:

Welcome anthony :smile:

Issue 4) should be fixed now.

Just tested - leaderboard is working for me now, thanks for the quick response!