Inventory and class issues

Problem 1: delays with manipulating inventory. I can’t sell, equip,etc.
Problem 2: one of our characters inventory become corrupted with another characters items.

We just purchases 3 additional game slots and the above problems started with the new characters. Other weird things are heads switched between characters on character choice screen, classes switched around, and gear equipped for wrong class on wrong character. I’ve reinstalled the game and started new characters in hopes of fixing all this but to no avail. Please help!

This is VERY odd. What version are you running and did you get it from Amazon App store, Google Play Store or download the APK and sideload it?

What hardware (device)?

Please note that “Stash” and “gold” are shared between all characters. That is how the product is designed.

If you could provide screenshots of the behavior you are experiencing with an explanation of each of the screenshots, that would also be helpful.

If you are really willing to start over from scratch, please read the sticky about “account issues” and email support to ask them to reset your entire acct (add your information about any items you’ve purchased in-game so you don’t lose those (extra character slots, etc).

To do a restore on any Account information including characters, items, IAP, or anything else, please follow these steps:

[ul][li]Email us at[/li]
[li]Provide us with your DQ Account email ( we don’t assume your forum account is the same as your DQ Account, and we would like to avoid you posting emails on the forums )[/li]
[li]Provide us with as much information about your account and what’s missing. This will help reduce the amount of questions we need to ask![/li]
[li]Wait until we contact you back to choose “Download” on your account ( and don’t “Upload” unless we ask )[/li][/ul]

Emailing support is the fastest way to get your Account back up and running.

Thanks sommuch for the replies. I’ve contacted customer service. Hopefully they can help!

Having issues with my exp on my level 99 mage it keeps jumping all the way fall then half way empty then all the way empty multiple times while playing the game is there a way to fix this issue I do believe that I do believe there is one hundred character levels in this game but if there is only 99 can someone please let me now I only assume a hundred because that is what it looks like on the things that I’ve read and the gear goes to level 100 there is also issues with the summoning in casting of made skills while hired as a hireling any suggestions on how to fix these issues would be greatly appreciated thank you

To my knowledge, there are 99 character levels, 100 iLVL (item level), and not sure on heroic level, but I think that’s capped at 99 as well.

Character level cap: 99
Item level cap: 100
Heroic level cap: 99

The reason why your character is at 99 and sometimes his exp bar adjust is because that exp bar is displaying Heroic level!

I told Steiger to split character exp bar and Heroic level bar, but looks like he’s too busy and didn’t receive the message.

Item level cap is 100.

Character level cap: 99
Item level cap: 99
Heroic level cap: 99

Item level cap is 100.[/quote]
Oops, what was I thinking :frowning:
Edited. Thanks Rubik!

Everybody gets one! [emoji41]

I have experienced similar on my Fire TV. With the explanations above, it gave me enough information to reproduce and submit a bug report and it has been done. It isn’t tracking hero level nor player level in my experience. I personally consider this to be a cosmetic bug, so I wouldn’t expect the 1.8 version to include the fix.