Inventory bugged here we go again

Now im totally pissed that my Rogue’s Bag item are gone again and duplicated by my warrior. Any suggestion to fix this f*cking bug? Luckily i just saved my eternal maps cos i put it on my stash (8 Eternal maps)

My Rogue PvP build (Discordance Orb Reactor Gears) are gone and my farming build too.
But my Equipped floor climbing gears are still here and my Ultra rare mythstones and crystals are gone.

Download/Upload much? Might be unfinished upload/download.

Nope thats cheating, im not like that. I think its really a bug because if use warrior and wizard i think the rogue bags item will be gone in 4 days if i not switch into rogue as main toon.

That’s odd, never happened to me. Got the newest version?

Try to get the bug as exact as possible. Version, operating system - contact support and report it as a bug.

I already report this bug, it happened 2 times but i ask @tdaniel to fix it. I think he’s pretty busy right now but i can wait :slight_smile:

I think someone stealing ur item/gears . dont giv ur password to anyone .:grin:

Oh I had that same bug as you. I think it’s related to lag and maybe upload/downloading as this happened to me like 10-20 times over my DQ lifetime on this game.

The first time it happened, I lost my first ever eternal map as well as all the rare legends and everything else and that was in 2.2 I think.

Although now that I think about it, it could be related to someone else using my account at one time before I changed password.

But after I got new phone and newer version, the bug very rarely happened so I concluded that it’s based on lag.
It’s always the warriors items that are duplicated to the rogue or wizards hirling inventory and this doesn’t happen to other classes as often or at all.

Also this happens on wizard or rogue but only if the hirling pair is exact same class.

For Warrior, , this applies on every class hirling combo.

I reported this bug to Tdaniel many times but it still happens. I’m not sure how it triggers but since I have basically no lag, it hasn’t triggered for a month or so. It used to trigger everyday until I got the new S6 a few months ago.

1st of all im not stupid and why would i give to someone i dont know ?

@CuzegSpiked Owwss. okay

Happened to me too but in my case i reinstalled DQ then that happened

The easiest way to avoid upload/download issues is to not press the “close window” button until the “Complete” is shown in the progress bar. Even if the blue bar is full it isn’t done with the upload/download until you get the “Complete” confirmation.

There isn’t much we can do to address this issue since we don’t have a way to control the status of the upload/download on the game end. We can only initiate the upload/download then the device’s internet connection handles the communication with the server.

I already tried that @tdaniel but the bug still happens. Is it the “Clear cache” is the problem or not visiting the rogue’s bag for 5days ?

I don’t know, I can have a look at your save game on my end. DM me your dq account email address.

Unless I misunderstand the post, I don’t think this is related to upload/download. This happened to me before I even knew that functionality existed. My warrior hireling’s inventory was turned into my wizard primary inventory during play. Like in the middle of the map. After it happened, I started utilizing upload to back up my stuff, and it has happened 2 more times since then. Always the warrior hireling that gets overwritten, but it may not be specific to that class… I always use wizard main, warrior hireling thus far so that is how it happened each time. Each time it was during play and not during any upload/download activity. It seems completely random and I’m not sure what set of circumstances initiates it. I play on an NVidia Shield with wired internet and no issues you might experience on a phone over a cellular network…

I have your save game downloaded on my end and I will have a look at it today to see if I can reproduce the issue @fudgenever10