My wizard has three items in inventory and two bags, but says “Inventory full” so cannot pick up anything

Are you having hireling with you? Your hireling’s bag might be full though.

If you do have a hireling with you do this:

While you are in the game touch on your hireling portrait in the upper right hand corner (or if you are using a controller press “R3” button).

Make sure that your hireling has empty inventory space so they can pick up items.

IF YOU DO NOT have a hireling with you it may be that your “Pick Up” setting in options is set high.

Pause the game using the Pause button in the upper right hand corner of the screen.
Choose “options” on the menu list.
Notice the button that says “PICKUP: Normal”.
This means that you will pick up all items on the ground.
Each time you tap this button the “NORMAL” text will change to a different word. Magic, Rare, Epic, etc etc.

If your press the button until it reads [Pick Up: Rare+] that means that your character will pick up ONLY Rare (yellow) items and above.

Hope this helps!

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