Invincible green enemies

I have encountered this weird bug in floor 59 where i met some weird enemies. They are immortal and don’t have an HP bar, what’s weird is they attack unlike the cartographer bugs that it’s only frozen(i’m not at 200+ yet but i found it while searching the net), they can’t damage that much though because they only have weak attacks.

Sounds like a pack size bug…they are dead ghosts…lol

they can damage me…

Dude same hahah their really annoying esp. Wen u have a hireling… Ur hirrling just keeps attacking it and does not move hahah u have to go to far places so the hireling blinks near u again hahah but just dont mind them just run for ur life hahaha

its a zombie bug :smile: can encounter at packsize

Yah. Same. It’s happened some time when you lure a lot of mobs around to kill.

This is a known bug. Happens when either the main toon or hireling dies.

One way to defeat the problem of your hireling blowing their mana on a ghost is to run far away from the ghost & work a different section of map. The ghost usually doesn’t follow.

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And this just in…DQMods report the problem is related to performance drops. Still, run far far away :wink:

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