Invisible character & some mobs

Hello, i have a problem with your game. I play from device PMP3370b, i dont see the character, and some monsters, only their HP line. And, if i find some Relic items, they just disappearing if i try to pick up them. And, i have some bugs on other levels. There is no textures at all, in levels with lava. In the first boss room, all room is dark, only if boss is dead, i can see textures of this level, but character still invisible. Sorry for poor english.

Hi there,

This could be an issue with the way textures are being displayed in our game and the hardware with your device. We have seen some devices (like the first gen Amazon Kindle) that have issues with multi-texturing. We look up your device and see what we can do.

Thanks for the info, and thank you for playing Dungeon Quest!