Is aftermath build still good?

Ok so I’ve played this game before but just recently put a lot of time into it and I decided to go with the aftermath build again but is it still good cause I’m dieing a lot and doing ok damage on mythic 1? All help is appreciated

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I also used aftermath, even on mythic 3, up to floor 300, and indeed, I felt good using it. Yes, I also die a lot, and in that case, you need to modify some of the build. I mean by modify, put 100% Weapon Damage and +5000 Wpn dmg affix on the Skyfall, or put 7500 Hp and 500hp regen on the Frostfire Regalia, for a more tanky char.

You can also add mythics too, but that wouldn’t be a priority. But of course, you can kill more enemies with it. Mythics like Bombard are a nice partner to Aftermath.

Also, you can put two +10 meteor affix on your gears, and allocate 20 hero points to meteor. That means 40 hero points, +200% the damage, and up to 3 to 5 more meteors on one cast.

Good thing to have is the Astral Communion and Astral Vindication items, those items have Mirror Image Proc that gives you a clone of yourself that can copy your attacks and actions.

Aftermath is a good build for starters, as well as for me. But I do not recommend it on floors 300+ mythic 3 because it is like hell. Still, it is a good build.

What I recommend is either modify your items and put essential affixes, like damage affixes for more damage, Hp and mana affixes for more survivability and efficiency, or add mythics like Bombard.

The other recommendation I can give you is switch build, if you are dying a lot and are bored using Aftermath.


Meteor sucks!!! it is really hard to aim!!!

Meteor Rocks!!! with Meteor 40, it becomes the most powerful Wizard MH Special compared to other MH Specials when placed on the same Weapon.

a hard to aim Meteor 40 means the other 3 Wizard MH Specials do way better.

Aftermath Set with 4 Ranks or better gives Meteor 100% Taunt (25% Taunt per Rank). this moves Meteor back to the front of the line for Wizard MH Specials.

@CuzegSpiked Aftermath Build uses the Aftermath items mostly as is, with only a few changes. he used Meteor & Shatter a lot since Aftermath lets you spam them both by Meteor & Shatter lowering the others Cool Down to .5 seconds.

that Build is 4 years old, and there have been many changes to DQ since then. that would still be a good Build for Beginner players using a Wizard, but you might want to make some changes as you get to know DQ better and go to higher floors.

I have recently started thinking of ways to use Aftermath, because when I was a Noob, I didn’t like using Meteor at all. I would use Gauntlet as soon as possible for Twister, and put Twister or Storm on Staff when I learned how to change an Items Special Skill.

improving Dodge & Block, or adding Sanctuary could help you survive better. also, moving around more can help get out of the way of enemies attacks also, with higher movement speed or Teleport or something.


Yeah I agree. Meteor sucks because it’s clumsy and slow. The only way it may work is have a crazy fast teleporting wizard that has max deadly strike and the rogue set affix that finishes spell cool down on deadly strike.

Aftermath causes Meteor to reset Shatter CD to .5 seconds, and Shatter to reset Meteor CD to .5 seconds. and Meteor gets Taunt on top of that, and Shatter gets Fear. Aftermath with Haunting would be great, with Shatter causing Fear and then hammering with Meteor next. tons of DMG right there!!!

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Then you could have a deadly arts item. You could be bouncing around with a metero storm :heart_eyes: with 4 extra attack added.

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Ive tryed all frost equip on a regular meteor build and only weap as fire damage. Frozen set and crushing blow set gives you an idea. Went up to floor 1400 with easy but some monsters seems to never want to loose that 0.1% hp left haha.

All you need on a meteor build is 2 aftermath set items and a 2x set item affix. Rest is up to you :slight_smile:

on the higher floors, just make sure a Map doesn’t give monsters any Heal. even on Very Easy you will eventually get to a floor where even the weakest monsters wont die on a map with 1% Heal.

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Aftermath+discordance+eac+multi attack. I need to test it

with Meteor 40, that drops 3 Meteors. with Discordance & Multi Attack, 15 Meteors? even on a Gauntlet, 150% DMG, 450% with Meteor 40. dang, now I want to test it!

With elem crit of course