Is anybody here playing CABAL 2 PH?


it is nice game promise…


I miss playing CABAL…


I was playing that game also before year 2015. But I was BANNED :joy:
Gladiator Lv 169
10Billion Alz LOST. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Cabal.pH Neptune server…


ahaha im cabal player orion server @__@


Played it once before was epic until my acc. got lost :confounded:


Played cabal ph since 2010 but stopped 2016 too much changes and cheaters, and the most is my account ban perma without reason and until now i can’t log in it. Sad to say that year 2010-2012 is the most challenging year to play that game, beacause it is balance. And in the mission war or nation war is too enjoy,challenging.