Is it best to Open, Keep, or Convert Maps

Hi all,
New to DQ and brand new to the forum. Playing a Rogue as my first character and I’m up to Floor 31 and just upgraded to Legend difficulty. I just found my first few Cartographer maps. I’m curious if it is best to play them as soon as I find them, or save them until later? I also noticed that you can convert the map into one higher floor, but it’s quite costly since I just started. Is there any value in doing this? I’m sure that I am at the very early stages of upgrading my equipment, but I don’t want to miss out!


I would say not to do challenger maps just yet. Grind your way to floor 200 to start your farming (also get to 99). Once at floor 200 you have to play challenger maps to go further on (i.e. Floors 201 and up).

i suggest rush floor 100 (in the difficulty that you can kill mobs in 2-3hits) then start grinding at floor 100+

Thanks Ekko, didn’t know that.

So if I get a map on level 26, I can save that one until I get to floor 200 and then use it to progress further?

That would be very helpful to know!

you can just convert the map after reaching floor 200 or kill a carto on 200 to get a challenge map of floor 201

Thanks all, now I will definitely hold onto the maps for a while. Love the game so far.

The map floor doesn’t change. If it’s for floor 26 it will stay that floor unless converted.
What I was saying was to go to 200 then buy the challenge map from store to continue onto floor 201+.

If you convert a map, it will only go to the highest floor that you’ve reached.

It’s not worth keeping low-quality maps if you plan to convert them. Epic and maybe Rare maps might be worth it if they have high percentages, but low percentages and magic maps you might as well vendor if you’re not going to open them.

You will keep finding cartographers to give you new maps, and you can always buy from the store.

Converting maps can change them to any floor between the map’s floor and the highest you’ve reached. Sometimes it only moves up a couple floors, sometimes it goes right to the top!

When you do start using maps, you’ll get a new map inside every one. The way they work is instead of a random epic guardian of a portal, they always have a cartographer. He drops a map for the next-highest level, allowing you to move up.