Is it better to climb floors with challenge maps?

Just grinding up floors, is it better or easier to stick with regular floors or is it better to do challenge map floors? I’m on floor 140ish, somewhere around there.

for me, it’s easier to climb floors with challenge maps.

Well you can grind on reg floors. But once you reach floor 200 you gotta use challenge maps to reach higher floors.

OK, thanks guys. I’ll probably do challenge maps on 170+. And do you guys stay on myth4? I did for like two floors and everything had thorns and so much health it just took too long to kill.

Map then use larimar to add map affix and map turn to epic map at max numbers of affix. Then grind.

Ha, I probably wouldn’t of thought to do that, thanks.

Play on the difficulty that you can quickly kill most enemies. If that means playing on Normal, play there. If you can accomplish that on Mythic 3, do that.

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That what I’ve been doing, going through the difficulties and do it what works. I’ve set it to myth1 for now.