Is it ok if you dont have CritChance/Critdmg/DeadlyStrike? but i have some crushing blow


i don’t want to show my items yet haha, just asking need some good answer, im at floor 1000 with ice type build XD


its OK u don’t have crit chance and deadly strike, if ur building crushing flames maxed out crushing blow bcoz it is based on hp


ok i will try it and when i finish it, i will post it in here XD TY for answer XD




Yes it is fine but Crushing Blow is increasingly ineffective against monsters with higher rarity. Without Crit Chance and Deadly Strike it will take too long to kill a Mythic Rarity Monster.


yeah @Azazel i dont know how to explain but im at floor 1114 and i killed mythic enemy not so slow and not so fast so its neutral HAHAHA XD, i think its because of immolation or blistering, low hp monster less dmg from crushing blow right? the fire type is confusing me XD


Yes. Fire Elem. Crit.(Immolation) + Blistering(Bleed) causes monsters to take more damage than usual and with Immolation giving you a bit of protection by knocking enemies back. Crushing Blow is indeed weaker to enemies at low current health but the Fire DoT + Bleed helps a lot to kill a monster. It also helps having a Demonic to cover the weakness that Crushing Blow currently has. As I could observe, I have 750k-1.50m damage range (I use a raw Eternalized wand) but my damage could spike up to 11.95B. But I guess that is only possible through Deadly Strike + Crushing Blow + Crit. Chance that synergizes with the Crushing Flames + Inferno + Demonic + Rage Affixes along with the current maximum HP the monster have.


This is my item i dont want to show it because of my brother HAHAHA XD


Hahaha anyone would be so jealous of a build that can go that far. But I have seen better builds but well, has a compromise and all of that. Glasscannon is one others go for higher damage possible(around 10M minimum?). But yeah, 1HP lol