Is it possible to get a eternal pet slime?

I know its very rare but is there a way to get one ?, also, what floor should I go to get legend slime ?

Floor doesn’t matter. There are thing that will increase your chance for legend/eternal pet. First, get as much luck as you can. Then you can get eternalized set items to increase the chance of legend pet to be eternal. Get the ascension perk treasured (+ chance for eternals) and the one for easier feats (I don’t remember what it was called) to compete enslaver feat faster. If you have all that, you just need kill enslavers now. They have a chance to spawn on every map. You can purchase monster spawn boost if you want a 100 % chance for enslaver on every map. With 1h body you will kill 50-150 depending on how fat you can find and kill enslavers.
Start the map, look for enslaver on top right or left corner, kill, repeat. I suggest you jest to restart floor 200 in campaign.

Thank you sir… One more thing … How to get eternalized affix ?

Floor 350m3 or above, fairly common then

i got 4 eternal slimes here. try pumping ur eternal find rate to 700% treasuredperk = 300% eternalize mh = 250% eternalize hat = 50% eternalize ring = 50% eternalize amulet = 50% = 700% btw i hunt enslaver using monster pawn boost at floor 2 since map is not so wide and u can easily kill enslaver der.
it hard but if ur just patient it will drop(enslavera are often at the upper right/left side of the map) goodluck @Eraser

eternalize mh/hat = floor 350m3 above
eternalize ring/amulet floor 1k+m3

thank you so much sir :slight_smile: really appreciate it

Yah Its Possibe To Get One But Its So Hard​:blush::grin: