Is it possible to transfer your character to another email? pls help

i want to transfers my character to another email but is it possible? pls help

Hey! Please contact the support for this issue. I am sure, they will help you:

done i sent them an email just now i hope they’ll help me

Don’t worry, they will answer every email they got :smile:

hope so :triumph: bcoz my main character has been link to the wrong email

Really? I sent them one almost seven hours ago? Im fine with waiting though but ill resend them one tomorrow should i net get any reply

yeah i linked it to my friend’s email by accident -_-

They will answer it as soon as possible. Maybe it will take a little bit longer since the devs/shinybox were at the PAX South these days. :smile:

Yea, like i said im fine with waiting guess im jist a little too eager sometimes :sweat_smile: