Is it possible we will have a world Boss or event that everyone can meet each other

i hope for answers

Not on dungeon quest 1. DQ2 will be live play

Your idea reminds me of MU Origin world bosses spawn then the player with the most damage output wins the loot or can be shared.


I remember the world event in diablo 2 when uber diablo appeared randomly in a game. Was exciting

I also like this one! I also want to suggest it. But I’m pretty sure it will be too much for the server.

How about

We can fight the world boss without seeing everyone, just the world boss health depleted slowly because of the attack of all players world wide? and the last hitter will win the prize and loots. and everyone who participated will received consolation prize as well.

i think that will not get that, but guild’s boss maybe, for all guild member’s to kill it and score the guild whid best time and win someting like a badge in game like emotes on league of ledgend’s, and guild war’s men, mind blowing!!

Maybe if they would add guild wars on dq2, i think it would be amazing. :heart_eyes: for example, every 1 or 2 weeks, there will be a war and the winning team will have cool prizes like free vanities for every participating member