Is it worth to switch difficulty?

Since they nerfed mage teleport and a cartographer mage related bug hasnt been fixed(don’t get me wrong guys, it s awesome update anw) I m thinking of starting playing my rogue. My question is, is it worth to start let’s say from mythic 2 difficulty? I think it worths having to deal with half-hp enemies than the ones in mythic3, it is just 50% luck difference which can easily be obtained by other ways. Or is there smg that I m missing? My mage reached 300 floor m3 diflty, is there a way to start from there ? still I don’t mind covering that hundred floors distance…

PS: I think I just converted my favourite pet into a crystal and I m very sad :frowning: can’t find it anywhere :cry:

PSS: I just deleted my chars hoping to restore my previous version which might contained my precious pet. But I can’t download my characters… Any advice?

did you upload the save after you convert your pet into crystal ?

I have an uploaded save. I don’t remember if it was before or after losing my pet. It seems it needs a different device to download the saved characters, or maybe it is just god telling me to stop playing games and do smg constructive with my life.

Try to contact the support. Maybe, they can help you about the loss pet:

Heya Pampos, my first time replying here, since I just lurk around. Though I’m not fully sure what you meant by not being able to download your chars but, if you meant the Download Button is grayed out, then I might have a fix for you. (I’m assuming you uploaded your account)

If you are on android, simply go to settings, applications settings, then find DQ, and press Clear Data and poof, done. Open Dungeon Quest and it will run like a newly installed app, go login with your DQ account and you will be able to Download your save.

Hello saintwave, I already contracted support and they fixed the problem but thank you for your respond :yum:

Glad to hear about it :slight_smile: