Is the cap for weapon damage % 400?

Can anyone confirm the stat cal for weapon damage % before epiphany bonus?

The stats page is buffed and shows 0 when I have 450% weapon damage equipped and on the spell page it shows 400%.


200 for Legend and 400 for eternal.


As for how many possible WD% you can put on one weapon each at all, it’s quite simple.

For legends , 200% WD along with 50% WD mythstone for 250% WD.

For Eternals, 400% WD along with 50% WD for 450% WD. Although you can also get 250% WD on eternal where epic affix is 200% WD instead of 100% and then you add 50% WD mythstone for 250% WD.

As for focus talent , it can help you add more WD% that you couldn’t put on gear. WD% has no cap and is only bound by the gear you equip which is MH and OH.

Focus 20 means 50% more WD so 300% WD total on legend or 500% total on eternal.

Focus 40 is 100% more WD so that means 350% WD on legends and 550% WD on Eternals that is actually possible to get.

Ok so the cap is dictated by the available affix slots on the weapon plus relevant talents as opposed to a cap similar to how crit chance is capped at 60% or crit damage is capped at 350%?

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Yup. What you said is right.

Also, if you use seven deadly sins , you can get more WD% this way and even Eternal legends with seven deadly sins. 270% WD on legend and 470% on Eternal SDS. That’s the only kinds of legends where you can push the Limits of how high WD% you can get but if with wizard focus talent , that would become up to 470% to 670% WD total
Seven deadly sins however does reduce All Sets to 0 so it would only be effective in seven deadly sins build and also the WD% can also get reduced by the negative affix and added back through the dependant affix.