Is the teleport orb on wizard any good?

Title :D.

The explosion teleport seems awfully hard to aim, and the regular teleport, though useful when it comes to mobility, does no damage.

Teleport is good for farming.

Its the best! Also can have PvP purposes in some form.

orb special ‘Shatter’ is pretty good, but yes, hard to aim sometimes. at first I didn’t like it, but after some practice, I was able to use it better than when I started.
the reason teleport doesn’t do much damage is that orb is the weakest of the Wizard OH weapons, as far as base damage goes. shatter is 500% OH, and both do AOE.

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Teleport is one of few non-offensive dashes on the game. So, yes take it lol

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Teleport … pah ! I LOVE ENIGMA ( MY PRECIOUS )

Enigma and Shatter.


teleport in pvp is a great help, hard to catch easy to chase😄 i have a build on that one and its actually great