Is there anyone who can help me?

I am a returning dq player but my account has been flagged yesterday. :sob: I emailed support and told me that I used the old version of the game that flagged my account… but I’m not! :disappointed_relieved: i download the apps in playstore then i log in my account and download my progress. I played in the arena then after a few hours I opened the apps again and went to the ranks and saw that I was in another league.
I am always in division 1 or division 2 I stopped playing because my cellphone was damaged and now I’m back and this happens… how about that, I email back to support and have no reply until now… I hope they return my account to the legit league where i belong, thats all thank u, sorry for my bad english… :persevere:

can you help me here?

Your English is great.

No one else can assist you with your account issues. I did respond to you via email and told you I would review the account and I will do that on my end.

I will get back to you via email once I have had a chance to review it.