Is this a name bug for vuccus scorpio staff

tried to Japer staff into bow but got an chakram instead. what weapons can I jasper in vuccus bow

No, it is not. It is just that all staves convert to chakrams.

See here for reference.

too bad , worked hard using wizard as hirling to jasper a bow, was lucky lately with rogue as hirling and got a bow anyways.

Where did you get your vacuus scipio bow? What floor sir?

random drop on floor 199 legend, I spend most of my time on 196 to 200 legend.

Sir did you buy the map in the vendor or not?thank you for the reply :smile:

even you buy or not or even in normal floor you can get that vacuus but its extremely rare to drop

Sir did you hire a partner to have a higher luck and item drop?does the luck and item drop of your hired partner stacks to my main character?

no i dont have hirelings, i got vacuus with only 500+luck and and 50%item drop at normal floor i cant remember what floor but when i farm im just spamming floor 190-200

was just farming around lvl 196 to 200 normal legend map , my luck not that high 599 with 200 item drop. this was my 2nd bow drop converted the first one not knowing it was a rare legend. my rogue hirling has no luck affixes only for DPS .

Thnk you Sir’s for the reply I hope that you can help many more people and encourage and inspired them. Thnk you. :kissing_heart: