Is this a new map kind

Never seen this map kind befour is this a new one


Nope, not new. :smile:

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Ooo ok never seen that map style befour looks cool

The grey ones are super rare but so pretty :heart_eyes:

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I seen that mode but really it was green. How? I enabled color space mode in developer options to emulate how color blind people see DQ. Man, dq is very very different in that perspective. To think you never know what red is like let alone blue or green legends and even enemies. Oh well, DQ was fun regardless of which colour mode my device was on.

I’ve also seen that map you discovered a few times before as well as the green lava maps, red maps, blue lava, green ice, black void lava map, poison desert temple, red ice and other possible DQ map ccolours (in normal color mode of course). I’ve seen a trend with some of the maps where as you stay longer, the lava seems to get brighter but it resets when you die and you have to wait for the lava to brighter up again.

white laval lol

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DOH! Color Blind option would be a no brainer for sure. I will take a note of that for future support. I think this was brought up to me in a support email or a thread long ago, but it slipped through the cracks for DQ. Will make sure to support it in the future however.


I like this map doesn’t hurt the eyes. Easy to spot the enslaver. Hope every map is like this

Agreed wish they spawned more :3

Not new but very Rare, I like this :smiley:

I’m geting a lot rare things hoping I get a nice new green pet hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh wow. Glad I gave you the thought I guess. Good luck!