Is this bug?

Its really very hard to farm bcos of this ghost like mobs. It always consume my hirelings mp. -.- every floor i encounter this. That photo was floor 184.

Hey! Thank you for your bug report. This is the Zombie bug. Can you send me screenshots of your whole equipment please? So, I could try to reproduce it with the same condition.

Wait a sec ill take it. Both hirelings and main.

@Refia my build is like the blight build with ice element. This also happen to me. Try the higher floor where you can get pack size . try to get a really big group. " when I get a really big group I’ll lag hard praying that my hireling would kill them, after my hireling do I’ll have 5 or so zombies maybe more lol"

This is actually annoying especially when using a bow rogue. The arrows tend to hit the ‘zombies’. This happens when I have a packsize map.

these are the items. I hope this helps solve the bug.

Thank you! :smile:

@VicBot: The point is, that I have to find a way to reproduce it 100%, otherwise the devs won’t be able to fix it (too many “sources”, where the bug could be).

Sure thing. Goodluck in solving it, kill those zombies for us. :slight_smile:

I think its due to high frequency on packsize map.
But gl refia

@VicBot u can see my lohko build above crystal clear. Haha.

Do you have time warp on ur vaccus?

Whch pet do you have?

Using greengarden build + hireling taunt skill. monster pack in 1 spot and die leaving 50% monster on that spot become zombie. maybe monster stacked in 1 spot make that happen. if we refer in past report. ppl having this issue when using bow. bow kill much faster when monster stacked in 1 spot too. the stacking probably the cause. hope this help lol

Yes - bow with ice element. That’s all we know about the bug. It’s still not 100% reproducible.

maybe bow ice element and frostbitting. freezing monster stacked and killed the zombie happen. since it happen in greengarden (poison) my lohko (fire) and as u say bow ice. its happen in 3 different element. so i guess its not related to element.

Sorry for the delay i was eating. Hehe.
Anyway the imp is for rogue and fairy for warrior.

@VicBot i use timewarp as special for oh.

I see ,ty