Is this intended?

I have a good internet connection, but i cant find opponent,

But my question is, does cancelling finding opponent = auto abandoned is intended? Im just confused

I have a good internet connection also. When I cancel the match after it cannot find opponent, my win streak is reset and I receive abandoned match notification. Probably just a server glitch. I test my connection every time after this occurs and my connection is working properly (100Mbps down and 5Mbps up).

I have cancelled a match before while waiting for an opponent and didn’t receive an abandoned match notification. I guess it’s hit or miss?

This occurrence is infrequent though. My issue in the arena mainly occurs when I win a match and I’m waiting for my points to be posted. There are numerous times where it times out(?) and the match I won 3-0 becomes 0-3 and my streak is reset.

About the abandon match my theory was doing a forfeit on pvp at practice match while connected to internet