Is This Normal?

I’m going in as a warrior,using the tactics I got taught.
This is new for me because I used to be a wizard all the time who played God with twisters. The methods I got seem to be working.
Anyway,I used Mythic 3 for the levels and I will until a certain point,far from now.
I got a Leend Hammer which was level 5 (and had a green stat) and I had a WHOLE PARADE of monsters surrounding me and when I used the Hammer Lv 10 skill once,I was like Hercules.Most of them perished and they weren’t just some slimes.
Mythic 3,Stage 8,Level 18.
Is it normal for this to happen?I do understand I’m at a low point but still.

earthshatter is a strong aoe :smile:

Thanks for helping me again :)!

(Me assuming it means you can play God with it)

you’re welcome :smile:

Now to get playing again.Also,in some art I am making for the art thread with online software,is it appropriate to make the Hammer on a warriors hand kind of look extremely godlike?


hammer is op bro combined with zelotry , momentum and adventurer affix … so OP dmg boost.

I am now at Floor 12,Mythic 3 Level I Forgot (over 21).
And,yep I see that.I got a new legend hammer.Fits my skill and the power levels ARE OVER 9000! idk what those things you said are though.I’ll learn eventually.

Yeah,now I remember what the appropriate God was.

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