Is this pet any good for pvp?

Just got this drop. Any good for pvp? I can’t imagine any use for pve.


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As a wizard, for me it wouldn’t entirely because of lacerate. But it seems like a good drop. Plagued works well for PvP depending on whether you meet the criteria for its full potential.

Check this out.
""Most Useful/Used Epic PvP Affixes**

  • Bleed DMG%
  • HP%
  • AR%
  • Crit%
  • Crit DMG%
  • Luck%
  • ED+
  • HP+
  • AR+""

Compliments of #> Midlumer and the perfect pet probability dilemma :grin::smile:


Is lacerate a warrior talent?

Based on mid’s list it has 2 of the top desirable affixes only. Can’t epic affixes roll 50% bleed damage making the eternal roll 100%? Man lascerare seems like a gip.

Very Useful…yeah your right laceratei is a warrior talent . That pet is good for toss build. Congrats for your new pet!!! Very lucky drop…Have fun bro!!!

Thanks. Guess when I finally play pvp it will be with a warrior

Your Welcome Bro… Hope to see your warrior in arena soon. Experience is your best gear/weapon in arena.


Congratulations,6 useful affixes for warrior :heart_eyes:

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Best for Tank Warrior, man.

good for warrior and wiz

That must be reported for being perfect pet for warrior lol. :scream:

Sadly the lacerate makes this a dud. 30% bleed damage only. Now if it had 100% Bleed chance…I’d have to report myself.

What luck, lol. Eternal HP+ and Plagued are great deal in PVP. It’s definitelly good for.