Is this pet any good?

Finally completed the mythic enslaver feat and got this drop. Is this any good? I can’t think of any pve builds this would be useful in and I haven’t tried pvp yet. Let me know what you think and what builds this would be useful in if any.


It’s very rare, but I would not want my first Eternal Pet to be Merlin’s Imp. Maybe others will disagree?

Actually I got an eternal slime from a random enslaver kill yesterday that is pretty useless…

Yeah if I had more eternal pets this would be good as a collector piece but I rather had a eternal pet I could used for pve floor hiking ATM.

Well that’s a rare imp , to be honest, that eternal imp is the last piece before i complete the seven deadly sins set hahahah so luck for you, im just completing it for trophy hahaha


I envy you… :sob::sob::sob::sob::cold_sweat::cold_sweat:
Anyways this pet wont be of much use unless partnered with complete SDS set.

I tried it with a full set (4 were eternal) and it was crap at just floor 200m3. Damage is low and zero range.

It’s a novelty set that you can even collect until it’s way beyond useless (at floor 500m3 this set is useless).

Try to Jasper all SDS in Rogue Class. HIHIHIHIHIHI