Is this set good or trash? Ps im only at floor 140

im planning to put an mythic enchatmemt on my ring but dont know what to put adbise mee

A lucky guy with that set at floor 140… pretty luck on your side…

Hehe thanks but im still wondering if the cosmic orb is better than the cyclone enchantment

this doesn’t look like a Farm Build, so you don’t need the Item Drops affix. put in 100% WD instead. take out Reflect Damage, since your build doesn’t really need it, and if you have a few Amethyst Crystals, replace your Nadroji Set Affix with either Cosmic Power, Equality, or Arcanist Set. Arcanist would be best, because when used with Ascendent Set, your damage will go up a lot. umm, Arcanist (3) will be +12% ED for each target with the Arcane debuff. so if your Twister pulled in 8 monsters, and 5 of them got the debuff, that is +60% ED. but this only works if the target is Weakened by some kind of Elemental Weaken, like Ascendent Set gives, or the Weaken Affix or Myth Stone. replace that Ice Damage% with Weaken will give you around 98% Weaken. and if you have the right Crystals, improve some of your affix values so they are higher. as far as I can tell, the build you have is pretty good.
what I did when I first started DQ is experiment with a few changes at a time to see how different Sets and Affixes worked. hmm, just looked again, and you might want to replace the Explosive affixes with Dodge, and take a look in the Codex under Natures to see if your Natures (Greed, Elements, Blessed, Wisdom, are the ones you have now) are the best for your build. if you just started not to long ago, don’t worry about it until you get a good farm build going to farm for all the stuff you need to make a Strides Awesome Monster Crushing and Loot Finding Build.

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Lose cyclone . Try another main hand mythic :wink:

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@dickwad good idea. most people use Cosmic Orb, but Earthquake would be good to, as it lasts 3 seconds and stuns. but if you are doing well with Cyclone for now, don’t worry about it.

Ahhhhh my speciality type build. Consider changing armour talent to necrotic for extra skullshield damage and reclaim on your amulet. Change mirror image to storm maybe.

Use diamonds reroll all affixes (including chrystaline)

but it rerolls all of them at the same time, so if you don’t have a lot, only do it until you like the values you have, and then use that other Crystal to reroll the Epic affixes one at a time until they are at max. Emerald Crystals improve your items Quality, which improves your chances of rerolling better/max values, and increases weapons damage, and increases non-weapons AR.

I tend to strip all affixes to the basic legend bonus. Then add a chrystal one. Roll them like a maniac till im happy. Then add the rest and roll individual affixes

I had luck in finding some good posts about that, so when I started doing my crafting, I still goofed up, but it made me remember the next time. but some items with more than 2+ Legend affixes and a Crystal Affix, either I need more Diamonds than I have ever had yet, or just be happy with one or 2 of them being max. if you can get it with Ruby, then just take it out and retry, but the drop only Legend affixes…what a pain sometimes. even when I really, really want them. :unamused:

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My chrystal wastage is shocking

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I just click until there is nothing left, then I just farm until I can click like mad again. or my affixes are perfect. :sob: so many Crystals, gone! :sob: x 1,000

I’ve stopped maxing affixes. Does it matter. Get to a close approximate and then stop. It all gets reduced untill the difference is neglible

@Stride you don’t need any summons talents because you don’t summon. You can change those spiritmancer talents to an attack or defence you use

well, I usually get the Crystal affix maxed, and if the Legend one is close, I can be happy, I think…until I get more Crystals, then I figure, hmm, that 98.3 could get to 100 if I just spend enough Diamonds…I wonder if have enough this time?

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When you nerf the pvp stats down then no. Even pve then no because your damage increases with the higher floors automatically. What decreases is your likelihood of staying alive .

Nerf? No Way! I am just patient until the stats are all max. I just haven’t worked on making my Farm Build all it can be. yet. but it is doing a pretty good job at the moment. my farm build has a Crystal Dodge at 29.9, so my max is at 59.9. it is driving me crazy, that .1 is going to get me killed! but I figured my 200% WD was more important, or at least better for my peace of mind. eventually they will both be maxed, and I will be at peace with my build.

Crazy gold find helps with the resurrection costs. I want to @ObiWanKenobi to reveal his farming build. Pretty please

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