Is this set good or trash? Ps im only at floor 140


well, my Ascending Build for all 5 other Characters has Sanctuary on it. it is the only defense besides Blood Magic Mythic for HP, and the base 10% Dodge. it cut down on my Hireling dying by a lot. saving lots of gold. which I need since I convert all my Legends and Eternals to Crystals. the only Skills I let the A.I. use are Twister and Teleport, with Shock Element, with Earthquake Mythic for fun. no Talents, since all items are level 1.


I changed the summon talents to an archmage talent which give me alot of dodge and def


Points to strength and dexterity does the same


Floor 140 and has stone of nadroji who you kiddin.

Err can tthis build farm 500up ? coz if yes i will copy it xD.


Well yeah I think i just did some modifications in the mh and oh like change some affixes and the mythic affix


Like the twister now deals 1.50million per sec the skullshield with 4.48 million per sec damage


Wow dude can you put a video. I gained interest on your build.
I wanna copy iiiiiiit!


i really want to but i dont know how to btw I made some changes on it like now i have 115% glasscannon and I use a mana shield cuz I only got 1 hp left haha


Also I recommend that you put equivalence on your ring


daym your build suddenly became hard to achieve haha


Kinda like when i tried build it I burned like 2k crystals just to get the affixes I want on it but you should really try the first build I posted like the twisters does like 1mil damage per sec as well the storm combined with blight I recommend you use the chest and amulet with druidic affixes cuz the ignore resist in in the chest piece is really good especially when your in floor 200+