Item afix changed?

Ok so I got a chest from arena and it was a shield and it had epic afix 2 extra attack chances and also it had a yellow afix for one extra attack chance and it was an epic based item also it had 94k dmg. Now when I equipped it the item had changed to now 2 extra attack chances and 8.5 percent block instead of 2 extra attack chances and the extra attack chance ?? Is this a glitch cuz even the dmg went down to 74k I didnt even do anything I only equipped it. Unless arena items do that

Heres the item I know it doesn’t have the afix now but I wouldn’t lie about this. The block afix u see now was an extra attack chance and it also had 94k dmg instead of 74k I didnt do anything I didnt use any Crystal’s either.

this is what Item Checker does. Item Checker is part of the programming for DQ that makes sure affixes on items are legit.

the way Item Checker works is if there is two or more of the same affix on an item, a random one is kept, and the extras are changed to an Empty Socket or taken off. I guess that there is a chance one of the extras can be changed to another affix of the same Tier as the one being changed, which is why you have Block instead of an extra EAC. and it isn’t DMG, it is the DPS of the Weapon. the DPS went down because you lost the extra DMG from losing the extra EAC. on the other hand, EAC only affects the Primary Skill of the MH anyways, which shows up on the Stats Page.

I guess there were a bunch of items during testing and early days of the release of DQ that had items with 2 or more of the same affix on an item, and it was intended by the Developers for only one of any kind of affix to be on an item.

a Myth Stone that is the same as an affix can be placed on the same item, but not the reverse. if you have an Attack Speed affix on an item, you can place the Attack Speed Myth Stone on the same item. but if you have the Attack Speed Myth Stone on an item first, you wont be able to roll Attack Speed affixes of any kind on that item.

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Oh ur right it may have been replaced with the socket instead of block but I was like sweet now I can have 7 eac lol

haha, not going to happen. I don’t think even Epiphany can increase how much EAC you can have. the max is +4. either an Elixor for +4 EAC, +4 EAC on an Eternal Item, or two +2 EAC on two Items for +4 EAC.