Item Comparison Bars Accuracy

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I’ve been a player for quite some time (around a year, i think) but have always been able to find the info I need through the forums without posting. Untill now. I’ve really just been taking my 3 characters through the levels, clearing every floor completely, filling all my bags with the best of each item I can get my hands on. With that being said, the item comparison bars are driving me crazy. So, my question is… can they be trusted? Do they only take into account “resting” stats? Meaning proc chances and the like arent taken into consideration? Id rather not have to test everything myself but I may start. So far I have been trusting them, but Im about to really dig in to build customization and want to make sure I choose the best gear to tweek.

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ps. whats up with DQ2?!?!?!?

I’ve only played a couple weeks but what I’ve found is they can’t be trusted. I seem to get better results looking at the stats instead.

Mine seem kind of accurate sometimes, lol. I just worry Ill sell something great when Im speed selling items when Im farming. I guess it just is what it is.

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those stat bars are not very accurate. when I first started playing DQ, I never knew if an item was better or not, it was very confusing. even the Mods & Devs say so. it is better to just look at the Stat Page instead to see how the Skills are affected. if I remember correctly, affixes that are continuous will have their effects shown by the Skill, and affixes that are temporary, or have a requirement to be activated, will not. some of these can be seen if you check the Stat Page while the affixes is activated, like if you have Defiant, the +25% part will show as part of damage done on the Stat Page, but the extra damage done by Defiant when your HP is lower than 100% will only show up on the Stat Page when your HP is lowered.

as far as items go, a lot of it depends on whether the affixes on it are ones you can use, and if you have the Crystals to change the ones you don’t want to ones that go better with the affixes you want to keep.