Item Drop question


i’am realy new in this game and have some question’s.

Meens the level after the picture only on floor 180 can drop crimson blad or from floor 180 on this item can drop?

Is there list for set items?

Is there a good guide for farming in this game?

Greetz Hunted

You can check the codex/legendex in game. And search the forum for farming build/guide there should be some on it/helpful information. And yes you can find the items from the floor it show and up.

Reed a lot in this forum, but most threads are form 2014. I ask for a guide, most current threads are discussion from realy high equiped players. I am looking for some infos for the might game. Current i play on floor 150+ on legend. I don’t know for witch gear i have to look (was useful, was can be sold).

Found only two guides: greengarden and some other, but i don’t have the gear and so i am looking for good combinations of items.

Maybe there is a good starter guide?

Greetz Hunted

I’ll pm u my noob build for around 200-300floor

Hi guys can anyone can say what good combination of equipment is best to use??

it completely depends on many variables. whats best to use in pvp is not going to be best used in pve. whats best used to farm CS is not going to be best for floor climbing.

we got a pretty great group of active people that hang out in discord chat here if you are interested

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Oh nvm, you already posted the discord group :slight_smile: when I shared somewhere else. Oh well.
.it’s definitely worth it here. Forums you can of course still use.