Item pickup

After the hirelings invertory gets full during a dungeon and u sell something it takes like a minute to pick up the leftover items on the floor.

Hppened the first time today after downloading the update

It’s not just hireling inventory full. It’s anyone inventory is full you and you sell the items to get free space you need to run from the items on the floor and come back to pick them up.

You’re right just never noticed it on main

All that is necessary is taking a step or two. I made a post recently that may be the bug you are describing:

It’s different issue. Try getting your inventory full and stand still on a bunch of items. Sell all your items and you still can’t pickup items beneath you with free inventory. You need to go away and come back to be able to pickup them.

You don’t need to “go away”. Taking one-two steps is enough. You do have to move, though, that much I agree with.

I need to move away as much as my pickup radius is so its 13 yards. You probably don’t have much so you dont need to. Video on the way. I will post it here soon and edit your first post with my video to not open another topic.

No, I do not have to move the items outside of my pickup radius. I play both on Android (Google Play) and Kindle (Amazon).

Even in your video it isn’t consistent. You did appear to experience the bug you described early on in the video, but I would note that even then you picked up the pet BEFORE moving out of range. On the other hand, at around the 1 minute mark you hit sell all, and you DID pick up enough items to fill up your inventory before moving back out of range (you experienced the bug I posted about, though).

Perhaps it has something to do with the “Sort” function? I never use that button and never have the issue you describe. See if you can replicate it without sorting?

Yeah i will try and will add dots where i press. At one minute mark you can be confused but i didn’t picked up any items, it was different cahracter inventory. I will make better video to clear things out :smiley: Also it started to happen after todays patch.

At 54 seconds you did pick up items.

Yes i will make better test, and the picked up items i think are at the bottom of the screen, pickup radius is so big i don’t see items from the bottom of the screen picked up.

Perhaps. I suggest again - try it without using “Sort”. See if you can make it happen still.

Will do.

Slow the video at 0:54 to see that i picked up items that are at longer distance from me than others so i need to get out of my pickup radius to pick them up.

Very weird. I never have this issue.

My issue is the same msiiek has only happens since last patch