Item Questions / Eternal Gear

Now that my PVM set is getting me good drops, I found something rather odd.

I have four or five Eternal Pieces that are level 88ish to level 90ish.

Why can’t they be altered? I can’t seem to increase the level or change any of the affixes. If they can, what am I doing wrong?


Because you can’t. In exchange for a whopping double stats, you can’t customize it very much. Instead, players must build around them if they want to incorporate it on their builds

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The only Eternals that are changeable are the ones with four slots (Unreal Hood, Fabled Blade, etc.). These slots can be filled to give the item a Mythic skill, and then you can use Topaz to fill the rest of the freed spaces with affixes.:smile:

Thanks man.

When you add stats with Topaz (I assume you can also use Obsidian and Ruby?) are the stats you get doubled? Or do you only get the normal stat roll?

The higher quality an item has, the better affix rolls you can get. Eternal items have 50% Quality, the highest in the game. You can only use up to Topaz on the Eternal types that I mentioned. Sadly. It would be too OP, otherwise. Haha. :wink: However, people will sometimes get perfect rolls due the item’s quality.

Only thing that you can change is the element of the item. Say from ice to poison. If that is what you desire.

Not quite true. You can also change nature and fill in empty affixes (if you got Mythology item and used the 4 sockets for a Mythical affix).

I’m talking about normal Eternals. Not the fabled or other 4 or more empty slot eternals. An some Should have specified but I was on my lunch break An didn’t have time to have a longer answer.