Item rarity questions


  1. Which is harder to get crystal or eternal?
  2. How can put two affixes: set affix and mythics. I have seen in arena that there are items that can have both mythics and set affix?
  3. What class item is epiphany?
  4. Currently using wiz with energy, does mp regen\mp on hit affect the energy mythic?
  5. What color is ultra rare?
  1. Crystal legends and Eternal legends have similar rarity but these can be increased by Eternalized, Crystalline and Treasured Ascension perk. The default rarity for these are 1%. Eternalized, Crystalline increases this by 250% and treasured increases this by 300%. Total 550% increase.
    Total rarity from 1% to 6.5% rarity to find Crystal Legends and Eternal Legends. That’s why it’s rare at first but when you invest, they start becoming common. It’s why I use them as a daily source of high rarity crystals if not for floor 500+.

  2. Set affixes and mythics are totally possible and legit. As long as you leave space, you can have 4 sockets to make a mythic and the other 2 slots can be set and an affix. E.G: Cosmic orb mythic with Defiant Set.

  3. Epiphany set is found in wizard class on Epiphany items which are usually found at floor 600 from epic+ difficulty.

  4. MP on hit works with Energy mythic but MP regen won’t work.

  5. Ultra rare what? Ultra rare crystals are crystals from Jasper to Obsidian. These have different colours from orange, brown, red, purple and black. They look like actual precious gems.

@CuzegSpiked so I need 5-6 empty socket item, how do other players put set affixes?

You use Amethyst crystal to put set affixes on gear. That’s for most set affixes but there are set affixes not found on Amethyst such as: Defiant, Hunger, Masochism, Berserker, Seven Deadly Sins, Smoke Screen, Cerebral Vortex (CV), Haunting, Eternalized, Nadroji,Epiphany,Malestrom, Mayhem and Crystalline.