Item Stats Change on Equip, Support is Baffled

First item is “Epic Skull of Greed” the item is EPIC of course :slight_smile:
All the text is gold (RARE) but one is ORANGE (EPIC) of +30.5% Gold Find, hence “Epic Skull of Greed”
However, as soon as I equip it, it loses the ORANGE (EPIC) stat, and replaces it with an empty socket!
The item still stays ORANGE, but all text is GOLD (RARE), so it essentially morphed down to (RARE) somehow.

Next item is an EPIC HAT.
Which had +420 HP Regen epic stat on it, but when equipped, it too changed to RARE and lost the EPIC stat.

And Finally, I got an EPIC WAND of PROTECTION, that had +174 MP per HIT on it, but when I equipped it, it lost that too, replacing it with an empty socket.

When Identified:

When Equipped:

Support says “I dunno the cause of this issue to be honest with you. I cannot get it
to happen on my end but i will continue to try to reproduce the issue.”

It also just happened on a Gold staff, what’s the use of a dungeon crawler for loot, if it just changes it stats on you?
Anyone know why the items do this? because support has no idea.

Did you get these items in an old version of DQ? The item checker that was added in 2.0 will take off any doubled stat on an item and turn it into a socket. In your picture, the Epic Skull has two Gold Find stats, which is no longer allowed. It randomly picks one and turns that into a socket. Sucks that it picked the better one, but you’ll find better gear soon that’s already correct and won’t get changed.

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The reason for this is because the item is generated with similar affix like

Rare Gold find affix
Then also having Epic Gold find affix.

There was a patch that only allowed 1 specific affix per item. So the item checker now checks your equipment upon using it so It changes the similar affix to a empty socket

edit: @moxyll beat me to explaining it XD

Ah ok, thanks all, at least I got an answer. Noticed the icon changed from a Wizard to the Fighter when the game updated, so I guess that’s the latest, but I just deleted cache, uninstalled game, and reinstalled, so I will have the latest version with nothing left over.

Yea it sucks it “fixes” it’s own drops, to an inferior version.