Items got black, lost them when I started the app again? wtf

I was just farming on floor 170 something and then I raised the difficulty up but I noticed something strange, my Skyfall staff was black and so my abilities, I tried to equip some other staff n wands and now they are all gone:( I need some help

I have the same problem. But i can resolve using the backup of the cloud before my items desapear…try

Hm, guess i’ll have to do that if nothing else works


Have you contacted yet. If not, definitely give it a shot. The team are really helpful and may be able to help you in your dire situation.
I experienced a similar bug where my mh weapon turned into a level 1 weapon but luckily I didn’t lose the entire inventory and a backup. I think it is rare bug so uploading a clean save is the best advice in case this happens again after downloading your backup.

Hope this helps. Thanks for your bug report

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Thanks for your advice! Will definitely give it a try, but i really hope I don’t have to backup since I got some legends/crystals after the backup