Items quality

have some questions about item’s quality

  1. is there difference btw max affix stat(ex. poison dmg+) quality0% and 25% ?

  2. if there is, how about the quality 8% and 9%

  3. or is there kinda section or interval that max affix stat be different?

  4. and how much the differences btw them???

i’ll waiting for your answers~~~!! :wink:

  1. Yes there is! A lot actually. You cant have a perfect roll on just 0% quality , maybe its possible but its a very long shot and have to waste millions of crystals to obtain a perfect roll. +25% however has a higher chance of having a perfect roll.

  2. Sometimes dropped items that has at least 9% quality can have a perfect affix. In enchanting an item however would be almost impossible in obtaining it.

  3. Be specific xD

  4. A lot

I can roll 100% elem dmg even on items that has unmaxed quality, maybe luck lol.

That’s what i do, i find it harder to perfectly reroll legend affixes on items with max quality

In epic affixes, max quality helps

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  1. Yes, if you are talking abt epic affixes, it is easier to have perfectly rerolled epic affixes at max quality.
    In legend affixes, quality doesnt do much at all(from experience)

  2. ?_?

  3. Nah, if you are talking abt quality. iLvl is the only factor that can affect max value you can obtain by rerolling

  4. ?_? Lol

the lower the quality the hard to max the affix, also the item level will affect the max affix roll

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Aaaaa i can get it now thx alot