Items teleporting

hi sometimes when a item blocked by wall it is teleporting somewhere in the map and i cant find it / twister skill pushing mobs in the wall if mob dies in the wall i cant find any item

i think legend pets shouldnt be rare like that we cant find legend pet how we can get eternal pet?

and higher floors droping higher lvl crystals and mythstones or not? how can i find nadroji items?

sry for bad english

The items that go too far into the wall drop further out from the wall. However, if you can see any of the glow from the item, you can retrieve it. If it’s an item below your setting for what you will pick up, the imp will pick it up (if you have an imp). However, the imps sometimes take some coercing. If you stand right where the item is (as close to the wall as you can), just stay still. The imp will come near you, then it will move a few different directions and eventually pick it up. It may take many seconds for that to occur, but I have yet to find an item the imp won’t pick up if you stand there long enough. I often just “forget about it” because I don’t want to stand there and wait.

Legend pets need to be rare, they are legendary. Stronger items are rarer, that’s just how things work. Any legend item has a chance to be eternal when it drops.

Higher floors do not mean higher level CS/MS. Same chance on every floor.

Nadroji’s are random but rare. You can get them anywhere.

thanks for answers i got 600 legend and just 1 legend pet u should add pet items

Well legends drop from anywhere, pets only come from Enslavers. I’m willing to bet you’ve killed thousands and thousands of regular enemies and opened hundreds of containers and chests for each Enslaver you have killed. Naturally you’re going to find the ratio completely out of whack.