Hi guys! Im an addict of this game im a level 75 player but yet i dont have any Eternal items and pets. Other players have that items at level 36 ONLY, will you guys help me? To find that color violet, green and sky blue items. Thank you Dungeon Quest Players. Hope you can help me :slight_smile:

Violet cand be craft mythic item see codex
sky blue can be craft / loot
green can be cratf or obtain via chest

Thats maybe because they already ascended(went back to lvl 1 again) or pure luck… Either way ull be there soon

Also read codex

Thanks bro :blush: Happy Gaming

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Guys i dont know how to use ascencion perk ,guys can you pls teach me

When you reach level 99 check the shop it will be for sale :smile:


Here dude

What may i use to do this. Ty

Tnx guys its really a big help, ill try tto reach lvl 99