Been farming floor 2k+ in 3days … w/75% ultra rare find rate . Double Nadroji . But still nothing drops as ??? Items . Is it legit or just trolling? Hmf . :thinking::thinking: was that part of april fools?? I just saw 1 screenshot of the mercenary amulet . Was that true ?

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Bro,dont go so far, 1000+ is the right spot, just need to spam alot of maps, a bird told me that the drop rate on the new set is very, very, very, VERY, low, you just have to grind, im grinding as well!

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Have you got 1 bro?

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No, wen i do, first thing is to post for every body see it!

Can i se THE picture what new set look like? Till now i dont know what ur said about new set :frowning:

Were did you found the screenshot?