Hello i wanna ask you what’s best to use for me … Because I can’t choose and they are all perfecto!

BunnyFuffu , Rogue Level XX

Chakrams aren’t an option for me, unless you have a Spellsword set item. Pandemic is a pretty viable option for the beginning. I like the Storm Proc on that weapon. If you’d use it, I suggest you to level it up first.
If you don’t want to ‘waste’ these crystals, then use the Lucky Pistols.

It would make such a difference for now, since you’ll get a better weapon soon.
It also depends on which weapon you like the most.
Try it out, and then you can make your own opinion on what to use.

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How to level it up which crystals first of all I’m trying to get the mythstone 5% proc and also chakras deal more dmg but I prefer pistols I just use them for the dmg so it’s s good start I guess so I use pandemic

BunnyFuffu , Rogue Level XX