It's just suggestion

I heard about next coming patch 2.1, it was a great idea, i can’t wait it too ! but it will be a long long… journey.
I didn’t know if all players could make it on the long term with the same map, enemy, boss, pet, appearance… i hope they do not get boring and stuck on the middle term

You can add guild, you can put on main screen to create or join !
so all players do not need to farm all day… they could contribute to their guild and receive point or medal, to trade for title like soldier, captain, duke, arc duke, hands of king etc, and you can choose king side or queen side with different requirements ! It would be great if you put passive abbilty on it… just don’t do much high impact !
Like queen charming, or king order, increase primary damage, accuracy, etc…
You can add colour on that title like item, normal, blue (soldier) yellow (captain) etc… add and guild rank too !

It would be great too if there’s an unique pet, with certain appearance, and it could evolve 5 stage, or 3 stage ! But on the first stage is just rare or epic,

I think style on the item rules is more than enough… don’t too much fokus on it !
Its time to get some innovative for the players who got boring fast,
I know basically its offline game… but you have alot of space ! Alot of game out there to reach 500mb or more, as long as it could move to sd card it was fine…

Thanks !