I've been killed by a dead mob!?😂

Just playing in floor 1400+ :heart_eyes:But …I accidentally died with a single slime​:expressionless: and respawn and he’s now immortal :astonished:I can’t kill it anymore :sob:IS THIS A BUG OR JUST DAMN slime ghost​:smiling_imp:

If you dont see any hp its a ghost from killing too many mobs at once…actually there are two types of them I encounter when I kill many mobs… the common ghost that only follows you and the other one who can attack your character but you cannot kill it…

Yup… often referred to as zombies. It’s pretty annoying, but thankfully they can be avoided usually with ease.

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I love slime ghosts, they let me do amazing animations with skullshield and minions


Zombies. They either make or break the DQ experience and the game itself.

As I have always been claiming, ghosts are a game feature!


I see the attacking one and it sucks


XD . Could have been worse.

I had much worse. Frozen cartographers that couldn’t be killed and untargetable cartographers that hirlings couldn’t detect let alone destroy.

This untargetable cartographer had been immune to APS skills and needed high powerful skills to kill but also had way more HP than supposed to so one could imagine a billion HP cartographer in like floor 200 or something . It wasn’t guaranteed but whenever it did happen, it took a while to kill or never killed and I had to reset maps. Or they could be invulnerable . Thankfully that bug was long gone in patch 2.1 .

I just remembered everybody complaining about that cartographer bug for ages and let alone the frozen cartographer bug. Now cartographer has its revenge by not even appearing on some maps so you have to buy it again xD.


I have had a third kind of ghost, it is invisible, but my skull shield keeps firing at it. what I try to do, for any kind of ghost, is lead them far a way, then teleport away fast. but on high pack size maps, end up making ghosts all over the place. I guess the ghosts are a kind of risk for the rewards we get from the high pack size maps.

I have this experienced. Lol