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How to upgrade gold find or luck in gear for example my gear has 40%gold find how can upgrade to 200% tnx for the help

Well, gold find and luck are both affixes you can get. I know crystal affix for luck is 200% in one slot.

But if you want more gold, play on the highest ep you can, and get your item drop rate up(I think 120 is cap?). Selling rare, epics and legends for cash is way easier and faster than grinding for actual gold. IMO.

How can I get crystal affix ?

Obsidian crystal, it’s the highest crystal

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What is example of berserker champion etc., any link explain this

Those are names of the Warriors talent trees.

What are the example of talent like berserker ,

I have affix +4berserker ,what talent can upgrade of +4berserker example pls

berserker is a tree for talents ex champion talent wrtath and prayer if you have wrath on 20 and prayer on 16 with this affix you will have wrath 24 and prayer 20 i have hope i helped :wink:

If u buy crystal boost is this permanent or 1 use only

You can get less %luck from epic and legendary affixes, too. If you’re just starting, Look for items that fit what you want. Sometimes, its a trade, like less dam for more luck. But worth it usually

From now on, can you use this single thread to ask all your questions instead of jamming up the forum with multiple threads asking questions (especially when your answers can be found using the search function).


Crystal boost mhystone boost when you buy this good 4 1use only or when u enter dungeon it auto activate

When you buy booster like crystal boost its effect for 1000 kill for 1 use only or every entering the dungeon

1 use only when you turn off dungeon quest in expire i had that with mythstone boost. and about multi boost it is for 2500 kills