Just a suggestion

Shinning force EXA is a pretty epic game…I would love if you checked out how they made their RPG…its the best hands down…

I play shining force 1 a 3 (genesis through Saturn) but didn’t try EXA. ARPG or strat/turn based?

Shinning Force EXA is a dungeon crawler that is quite unique…i logged sooooo many hours into it…but it is such a fun game…it did almost everything perfect…the gameplay and systems were just amazingly constructed

What systems in the game did you enjoy?

oh man everything!..the game was just amazing…there was a base you leveled up…infinte dungeons…the equips were able too be colored by you too sort the massive inventory you had…there were four different kinds of currency…there were certain super powerful monsters that you had too unlock and defeat…I mean you have done most of these…i just thought if you looked at the game a little it would inspire you a bit! :smile:

I suggested a base (HQ) that we could level up and upgrade, but with all of the features incoming in 1.7 and 1.8 I think this kind of idea wouldn’t occur before longtime ^^

I can wait…this game has limitless possibilities…im just waiting for something too give ghem money for in the game…nothing pay to win though…or pay to earn…I really hate zenonia for that bull…