Just got to floor 1000! :D

Got this little gem today

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Wow grats :smiley:

And the current build used to get there. (
edit: damage reduction % screenshot taken at floor 200, ep8 for reference)

Wow nice build :smiley:

Can you tank in there or do you get 1 hit?

Nice build. Still have a room for improvement. Congratulations for reaching 1K floor btw :smile:

I can tank. Honestly depends on the map affixes but I rarely have trouble. #1 cause of death is TNT drops and Skyfall. Leg/myth/epic Mobs are not an issue

In that case I think these build can stand 1K M3 without getting one hit KO :smile:
Large damage reduction and a descent amount of HP (MP based just changed because of BloodMagic so for Wiz it means a lot of resistance) that’s the thing.

I see
I hope you can update us on your progress using this build. i want to know how far it can go

Well I’ve never seen a build pass 1k m3 with high hp mostly in this parts people would tend to prioritize there damage knowing it’s useless to raised hp since you will just get 1hit so I’m kinda surprised but i don’t think this build will hold its ground hmm maybe around 1200 - 1300 above


??? Blood magic only increase Damage not Damage reduction lol hahaha i dont know what your talking about hzzz

Do u Mean ? Cerebral Vortex??

Aethereal drain to Rage if u if your going Crit
Crit DMG to Block
Optional - Remove all 5000+ to 10k hp and 1 elemental Crit
Cerberus to tink

what the heck add Berserker if u want if its stack with the poison cloud lol

(Explanation) - Cosmic Power on the dog hurts my eyes :smiley: xD
btw your Change your Druidic for Rage if u find a tink and
that Aethereal Drain remove it as well

remove the Crit Damage as well change change your Crit DMG on the orb with block
Ps. Cerebral Vortex is Op with resistance
remove your 1 of your +5000 Poison Damage change it to Elemental Critical
if u want remove all of your Poison Dmg change it to 10k Hp

Blood magic means I can add all my points in mp which gives me bonus resistance as a wiz.

Druidic is much better than rage in this build. I tried Both.
I’m keeping crit damage becouse I often substitute my crown for epiphany hat, which maxes my crit damage at 440%.

Cosmic power boosts my survive ability by a huge amount

Aithereil drain gives me +30 elemental crit and +1% mp regen. Why would I remove it then waist 2 slots by adding mp leech and elemental crit?

I used to have my poison dmg rolled to HP. I wasn’t having trouble surviving so I changed it to poison damage. And I’m doing much better now.

oh i understand Now I’m a Warrior Type i didn’t know that Set is really Hp based come to think of It its really Damn good but Damage wise is how much do u deal?

Hard to say at the moment. I am a current victim of the recent patch misshap and I’m waiting on my manual reset. I’ll post a damage screen once my eq and ascensions are restored


I lost eternal ascension on 3 characters :frowning:

Me too. And it’s been 3 days since I emailed. Still missing everything