Just made it to eternal league, havent been playing for a month yet, wooo. question though

whats the deal with mythic league? i sat around top 200 mythic leage with over 6k league points for about 3 days before making it to eternal. several of my wins, even in the middle of streaks netted me 0 spots of advancement in league standing. i watched a loss raise my standing from 144 to 126, and one of my wins brought me from 140-144 so i got -4 for the win and several 0’s for other wins. why does this happen? and how did one win bring me from rank 104 in mythic to rank 48 in eternal? if i was good enough to be 48th in eternal shouldnt i have made it to eternal sooner? im top 50 in the world for league points in general as well so my win loss ratio has to be good, why did it take so long to get in if i was already 48th before getting in?

Basically, the only thing that really mattered in Mythic was “Global Ranking”. Unfortunately, you have no idea what that is until you win or lose. (It’s hidden) Your League Ranking doesn’t mean anything to get you Eternal, nor does your Record. I have won before and actually LOST Global Ranking. All that means is that more people won than you did and netted more win points than you did for their wins and advanced ahead of you in the rankings.

that makes more sense now, thank you.

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You are welcome and congrats on making Eternal.