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Living Force + Periphery + Ballista : is it working ?

Boomerang + Living Force dmg boost + Ballista Effect ?

what is the full description of warrior set affix Ballista ?

cosmic power + periphery + living force
gear with time warp proc to boost chakram dmg inside the chrono ?

is it working ?

Living Force + Periphery + Chakram (Boomerang): Yes, they work with each other
Ballista only works on throwsword, throw hatchet and some other skills that I can’t remember :frowning:

You can find the other set affixes description under Hero tab > Codex > Dictionary > Sets :smile:

[quote=“kairou4ever”]cosmic power + periphery + living force
gear with time warp proc to boost chakram dmg inside the chrono ?

is it working ?[/quote]

It should, but the thing is time wrap is a wizard’s skill. So it won’t work very well on Rogue since you can’t leveling it up.

Please make just ONE thread where you ask for different builds/combos and not spamming on other threads.

Is it working? Is it working?.. You either wait until you get an answer, or be patient and get the items and try it out for yourself. K thanks bye :smile:

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dictionary is uncomplete.

and sorry btw.
now, how to max affixes ?
I have blood magic ring, 25% item quality
Im using diamond to reroll all,

+5000 dmg
+50% dmg
+5 all assassin
+15% mspeed

  • Remove epic affixes and set affix, leave those legend affixes on your gear.
  • Use Diamond to reroll them.
  • After maxed all of those legend affixes, use Topaz to apply the epic affixes you want and use Fluorite to reroll those epic affixes.
  • Finally, use Amethyst to apply set affix.


  • Doing this will cost a lot of Diamonds and some high rank CS!
  • It is possible to roll 1 CS affix and 2 legend affixes to their maximum values, but will cost a lot of CS!
  • Higher item quality on that item and your on gear luck will help.

I already put 2 obsidian on my ring and amulet -.-

Everything has a price, my friend :smile:

I mostly agree with what zzvilzz said. But, if you already have the crystal affix you want, you shouldnt need to remove anything. Just max item level and quality (and have max luck), and use diamonds to reroll til the crystal/legend affixes are perfect, then fluorite to re-roll the epic affixes individually. As long as you have the right crystal affix, its easy to add the other affixes you want before re-rolling anything.

My custom items each have 1 crystal and 2 legend affixes…with max luck/level/quality, I achieved those three affixes perfectly in an average of 35-ish diamonds per item. One item was perfect in 4 re-rolls, another item took 12-ish rolls, and a different item took about 80.
Of course, I also try to plan each item so that no single item has 3 large-range non-single re-rollable affixes. E.g., one item has max mp (75-100), move speed (1-15), and elementalist (1-5). Another item has deadly strike (20-30), frostbiting (1-100), and + all set (1-2). Instead of having all the large-range affixes on one item, spread them out so that no item is overly difficult to max.

:laughing: That’s roughly how everything work

is that the easiest way ?

Hack, I think [emoji57]


multi attack and EAC affect quickattack ?
like chakram, EAC and multi attack boost the chakram dmg.

Multi attack and extra attack chance work on all primary attacks, and primary attacks only. So yes, it works on Quickattack :smile:

They sadly have no effect on Rogue OH skills.

Sounds like a bug. Can you tell me exactly which one?

Sounds like a bug. Can you tell me exactly which one?[/quote]

All of them and it is not a bug. Coatweapon is a buff. Vault is a movement skill that deals no damage. Laytrap is not an attack and “summons” a trap. Swap is also a movement skill that deals no damage.

Ah, I see. Vault and Swap dont do any damage so multi attack and EAC don’t have affect on them :smile: