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hi a good day this thread is made to know some facts about people still active playin dq and communicate w/ fellow players

post here 1. your IGN(in game name)
2. current floor
3. char info
4. time spent playing dq(yrs,months, weeks) and time/day
5. things u love bout the game

good day my IGN is chaktora…highest floor achive is 1873 m3… ive been playing for 7months… i play like 3-6 hrs/day …i like a lot of things here specially about the community of people who are playing sharing ideas and informations bout the game … im also hyped for the challenge in this game to hunt certain items and reaching eternal div 1 ( though im still pretty far from it haha)


Hi, i’m 124z012 ingame, currently at floor 700 m3.
Playing actively again for 2-3 months, playing periodically offline on old accounts since pre-warrior update. Currently hav 1 char of each class all rare ascendance. Playing 1-3 h a day, sometimes less, sometimes more. I really like theorycrafting new builds especially for arena (cuz i dont hav enough crystals atm :/).

@Dust nc too meet you bro. i certainly agree with you.i think thr most appealing part of this game which atract players is the theorycrafting for tons of diff builds.

Msiiek, floor ~800 (maybe someday I’ll go higher).
I’ve been playing when the 2.1 started, grinding for 6+ hours per day. Now I just start the game sometimes and do some floor 200 packsize maps while waiting for new patch with new ideas for PvP and PvE. I love the grind in this game when you from the start of the game have constant feeling you are getting stronger and stronger and really advanced mechanics for a mobile game.

im really happy meeting active players haha … me too i still give time farming epic enemies in floor 200… right now im giving all my game time in farming floor 500-700. hunting 7deadly set for my warrior.

Name: Clogon
Highest floor: ? (I restart my account a lot due to testing)
Debute: version 1.8.1 took long break due to surgery and various IRL problems.
Playtime: currently ~3 hrs a week (too busy testing bugs and helping with updates) was at 10hr/day when I just started and wasn’t a tester.
First love: high complexity of the game.
Current love: helping the community and the devs share the love of DQ.


Name: Griffin

Highest floor: 2541/infinite

Start version: at least beta patch 1.0.2 if not earlier (so like 3 years ago at this point 8| )

Playtime: as much as I can get in while remaining healthy and still taking care of the forums but lately I’ve been really swamped

What got me into the game: it was simple at the time, the mechanics worked well and killing hoards of enemies is so satisfying

Currently loving: the challange of figuring out top tier PvP builds, the ability too just zone out and level characters when I’m not up too thinking, but most importantly interacting and helping out with the DQ community love you guys :green_heart:


Name: DTN
floor: 1800+
Date: 7/2013
DQ…my love

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@Grifin012 woaah we got a hardcore player here lol … love you too bro …mehh so gay joke. i really am happy knowing der are people out der playing dq like this.

  1. My IGN is Xx_CuzegSpiked_Xx (wizard character) and my arena name is just CuzegSpiked if that’s what you mean by IGN. My general in game name for any game is Cuzeg Spiked. I used to use Danielle because I often chose girl characters but Cuzeg is nice, short, gender neutral and unqiue name. Unique names I needed to sign up for most games!

  2. 1130 lol and pushing more. That floor is so easy ( gotta brag). I will show you the build when 2.3 patch comes out as a gift.

  3. Character info: eternal lvl99, reached eternal league once at patch 2.0 and a wizard. I used this since the first time i played. The old IGN used to be Gandalf420blazeit or something like that. I have other characters but i don’t need to talk about it for now.

  4. I first played this somewhere in 2014 but quit immediatley because I was bored, played clash of clans and machine knight rpg at the time. I went back into it at July 2015 though. I played casually for that time being and developing that aftermath build which I posted as my first forum post. As soon as I entered the forums and learnt just how complex dq is, and trying to surpass @cronos4321.
    I went hardcore gaming for 8 months, slowly but surely. I was extremley surprised by its complexities and took a while to grasp the basics of dps builds, let alone extreme farm builds for life! I never realised I was hardcore until a few months ago.
    I was just trying to be good at the game because I SUCKED when I first entered dq forums, and I thought I was like any average player. In any game I enter though, I get dedicated to them for a while but being dedicated to dq is worth it for me.

  5. Things I love. I love the complexities of it. More specifically, I love the math behind trying to be the best dq crafter, the pvp here, this AWESOME community, and definitely the legends. In addition, those sneaky references caught me off guard at one point, which is great. I’d say this is quite literally a mobile version of a PC or Console game. Great for someone who Can’t afford any console (like me) and not knowing about steam, as well as thinking that too many pc games are crap. Great also for someone who wants to be cheap with smartphones.

I know not all of them are crap though by experience, thankfully. Still, i’m 99% addicted to DQ for now and control it to not ruin my life so much.

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@CuzegSpiked lel another hardcore player

remaining 1% of love? for yourself or for gf? haha

ill be waiting for your build … for now i got stack on 1 build im still out of ideas to create a good build for my rogue.

im on eternal league since 2.0 but its quite very challenging and hard i say haha to reach top 1% on eternal and im stil stack at top 28% maybe il get demoted again … sometimes i fought this guys with modified items lel crazy strong

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I want to reach eternal league for the vanities :frowning: . I spent too much time making my great campaign build and still need more crystals to finish a hirling bonus build. Pvp i need lot of crystal too. I haven’t played pvp in ages but would like to come back to it. Now that I know so much though, I will try make a spectuacular comeback. I had a plan to deal 500k to million dmg per second in pvp, in theory. It will get reduced by dmg reduction however and for survival, I may have to figure out. I’m no pro lol.

@CuzegSpiked goodluck with that bro.

everyone in pvp nowadays seems to be wearing cerebral vortex lol

ya i like the new vanities specially the warrior its a godam glittering turtle shell haha no offense the rogue crossbow vanity kinda suck haha

Hi I’m ICEBOUND from Philippines. I’m a member of “Pinoy Dungeon Quest Allstars” currently on 1800+ floor. Have dem all 3 classes, but my favorite to play with is the Wizard class. My Wizard and Warrior is now at Eternal Ascension while my Rouge nevermind I just ascend it once to get the dealer perk for a hireling toon.
I started playing since 1.7.4 patch The Golden Age of DQ (that’s when crystals and mythstones we’re easy to farm) was released so it’s almost 3 years now. I stopped playing when 2.0 patch was released due to disappointment of the large nerf and the big changes of the game, but came back later after a few months. Been hardly playing when I’m still a newbie - reppin atleast 12 hrs/ whole day. Now, I’m only playing for atleast 2-3 hours a day due to busy life and career.
What go me into this game? Well it’s the whole thing! Been loving this stuff because it reminds me of my childhood game “Diablo 2” since this is the only thing that I’ve found to be closer to it. Kudos to the awesome developers!

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