Lagging game

All of the sudden my game is lagging today. My character will be fighting and either he will jump to a different spot or the mob will jump to a new spot. Either way it usually drains my mana as the game registers I was using skills not near a monster when I was on top of them. I tried cleaning my case, restarting my phone, and re-installing the game and it still is doing it. It is playable but I am now dieing a lot because of it. Anyone else getting something like this? Also it is not from too many mobs on the screen I ascended and am only lvl 26.

Check your Phone/Memory storage might be low :wink: or uninstall some heavy apps or while playing DQ close the other apps to reduce the lag … and low all the settings in the dq play in low quality :wink: off shakings etc :wink:

Sorry for my bad english hope you understand

check your RAM , maybe its because you have so many hidden running applications , try to clear them .


Thanks for the tips I did try those and it didn’t work. However the issue has gone away just like it showed up no clue why or how. It was as if the game showed me in the wrong spot and then would catch up. Hopefully it doesn’t come back.